Flora Reiner (Glendale, NY) & Liz Wahrsager (Passaic, NJ) - Partners in Torah

Flora Reiner (Glendale, NY) & Liz Wahrsager (Passaic, NJ)

Flora Reiner (Glendale, NY) was conversing with someone in a store in the Five Towns… she shared that she wanted to educate herself about Judaism. This person connected Flora with Partners in Torah and here we are, a year later, as she celebrates her one year learniversay with Liz Wahrsager (Passaic, NJ)! The feedback they shared is testament to the incredible partnership they’ve built!

Flora: “I have an amazing partner Liz who finds time to teach me the weekly Parashat.  Liz Wahrsager is not only my teacher but my best friend.  She is very knowledgeable and she allows me to think outside of the box and ask lots of questions.  She always has the answer and even her children participate in the learning experience… We recently started the Parashat all over again as there is always more to explore and discuss.”

Liz: “Thanks so much for this opportunity to share with everyone how much I enjoy learning with Flora.  I always look forward to our Thursday night learning sessions.  Flora always asks the most thought provoking questions. I love talking to her not only as a learning partner ,but as a true friend.  She is so growth oriented and is really an inspiration.  She makes me think of things about the parsha I never thought about before.  I so enjoyed meeting Flora in person at the partners in torah chanukah party [last year].  I hope we can meet up again in person in the near future and I am looking forward to learning and growing together.  Thank you partners in torah for this opportunity!”