#LevelUp Event - Master Your Mind


Radically increase your capacity for concentration & emotional control

with Rabbi Doniel Katz from
The Elevation Seminar

Tuesday, august 3

1:00-2:oo pm EST

Join a transformative experience for your heart, mind, and soul as Rabbi Doniel Katz teaches how to deconstruct human consciousness from a Kabbalistic perspective and harness our diverse mental faculties in order to live with a more profound sense of inner peace, connection, and alignment.

Rav Doniel Katz, visionary educator, spiritual guide, and international lecturer has transformed the lives of thousands around the world with his profound, open and compassionate teachings. He’s the Founder/Director of The Elevation Project, which through seminars, retreats and online programs is dedicated to bringing the Torah and Kabbalah’s ancient systems of meditation and personal development back to the forefront of the generation’s spiritual culture.

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