Mentor Orientation - Video 2 - Partners in Torah

What's Next


    • Based on your answers to the sign-up form, we will create your mentor profile. This is what students see once you’ve joined Partners in Torah, and it will help them decide if they want to learn with you. If anything is missing from your profile, we’ll reach out before showing it to prospective students.
    • Once a student selects you as a mentor, you’ll receive either a text message, WhatsApp, or email with the student’s profile Please keep an eye out for these notifications! And make sure that our emails are not going to your spam box or promotions folder. TIP: add  to your important addresses! 👆
    • It’s important to reply quickly to a student request. Students are required to select 3 mentors at a time so as to speed up the matching process. If you think you could be a good fit, please reply right away so that the student isn’t accepted by someone else.
    • After viewing a student profile, you can: accept or reject the student. If you reject them, please let us know why it wasn’t a good match for you so we can get it right next time.

    • Before you accept a partner match, ask yourself: do I have 30 minutes a week to give to this partnership? (That’s only 2 hours per month!)

    • Once you’ve started, please give it a month (4 sessions) before you decide to end a partnership. Like a shidduch, you need to give it some time to see if you’re compatible.