Mentor Orientation - Video 3 - Partners in Torah

Mentor Orientation – Video 3

Best Practices


    • How will you know what topic(s) your partner wants to study? When someone requests to study with you, you’ll be able to view their profile. This will include the list of topics that he/she is interested in studying. 
    • How will you pick which book or resource to use for your sessions? Take a trip to our resource library and browse or download book samples related to your study topic!
    • Still don’t know what to choose? Our support staff is here to help you out (see the link below).
    • Remember to set goals! This is one of the most effective forms of encouragement. 
    • Celebrate 🎉 This is a really important step. When you finish a book or a topic, celebrating will empower you and your partner to aspire to bigger and better Torah accomplishments in the future.
    • When should you learn? Most partners stick to a specific day and time each week, but please allow flexibility to accommodate for changes. Many people love this about Partners in Torah -that it can be comfortable, flexible, and personalized.
    • Most people learn over the phone, but feel free to use video calling or meet up to study in person!
    • If the learning material or timing isn’t working for you, be open and let your partner know and find something that works better. We’re also here to help!
    • If you have to end your learning for any reason, let us know. We’re here to help with all aspects of your partnership from start to finish. You can reach us at