Rebecca Lang (Atlanta, GA) & Bena Tarlow (Lakewood, NJ) - Partners in Torah

Rebecca Lang (Atlanta, GA) & Bena Tarlow (Lakewood, NJ)

Woah, 15 years of learning and commitment!! A huge mazal tov to Rebecca Lang (Atlanta, GA) and Bena Tarlow (Lakewood, NJ) on this incredible accomplishment!

We love Rebecca’s beautiful feedback: “While we have read numerous texts through the years and Bena has answered countless questions for me, it’s learning by Bena’s example that has taught me the most.  Bena is more learned, but she never makes me feel like less than a partner.  It always feels like we’re learning something together.  Bena inspires me in so many ways.  Bena is my chevrusa, my mentor, my friend. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner!”