Digital Shas Giveaway - Partners in Torah

Digital Shas Giveaway

Study 45 minutes a week for 7 weeks with a chavrusa/ Partner in Torah and get entered into a raffle for a FREE IPAD, pre-loaded with the Artscroll Shas ($1,000 value). (You’ll have a chance in the form below to be set up with a Partners in Torah chavrusa.) Study anything you’re comfortable studying — Pirkei Avos, your favorite English sefer or our prepared study material — or just shmooze.

And we’re asking for a 45-minute-a-week, 7-week commitment, not once a day for 7+  years.

After the 7th week, get an additional iPad raffle entry for each week you study. (Maximum 6 entries per person… unless you take a second chavrusa, in which case you can double your entries!)

Drawing will be held on March 25, 2020.

Sponsored in memory of Rav Meir Yaakov ben Harav Ahron Zlotowitz zt”l

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